Jan Babicz

We live in time of continuous technological development, and every new ship that is built should in some way contribute to this ongoing technical advancement. Yet in practice it is not so easy to design a vessel that is fast, economical, environmentally friendly, and also user-friendly. Shipyards want a ship that is light and easy to build. Ship owners want a vessel that has a record-breaking total capacity, is easy to maintain and operate, is inexpensive and safe, and so on. Shippers and cargo owners want the cargo to safely reach its destination. Masters and crew are looking for a ship that is easy to operate, comfortable, and also safe, in the broadest sense of the word, and especially with respect to the working environment. Everyone expects a ship to be able to safely transport a huge number of containers, especially reefer units, a ship which is easy to maintain, easy to operate, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

We design vessels together with the client in order to meet these expectations in the best possible way.


We offer:

- Conceptual design
- Contract design
- Consultancy of new designs

- Technical design (class drawings)
- Approval of drawings on behalf of Ship owners
- Hull shape design and survey of model tests
- Intact and damage stability calculations.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Jan Babicz
Consulting Naval Architect & Ship Surveyor



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